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Small Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Smile Face Promotion

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 How to choose a christmas gift : 

Know your friend's interest. If s/he loves dogs, it's useless to buy him/her a toy cat. If s/he is allergic to cheese, it wouldn't be nice to give him/her some cheddar cheese as a gift.If you are a very good friend or a close one then you probably know their likes and dislikes but in case its a new friendship and you don't know all that much then check out his/her Facebook profile or any other social networking profile,he/she may have mentioned something in there. If that's not enough, then talk to his/her other friends or better parents, siblings. Or ask him/her indirectly. Ask what is the best gift that he/she has ever received or the worst. You'll probably get some idea. All you need to do is observe and do some research regarding your friend that's all.
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Small Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Smile Face 
Temperature range:Indoor: 0C~50C (32'F-122'F)
Humidity range: 20%~99%RH
Resolution: temperature:0.1C(0.1F) humidity: 1%RH
Accuracy: temperature: ± 1C(1.8F) humidity: ±5%RH(40%-80%)
Buttons: MODE, ADJ, MAX/MIN, C/F
Power supply: 1*1.5V AAA battery(not included)
Dimension: 5.8*9.8*1.4cm
Weight: 47g
Four color : Blue , White , Red and Yellow