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2020 Gift Item Illuminating Alarm Clocks with USB Phone Charger Electronic Smart Clock

Time:2020-08-14 19:43:08  Source:Model : SN2182  Author:Cathy

Product Description
1.FM76~~108 band radio
2. Adopting 4 ohm 3 watt high-quality speakers and professional-grade power amplifier circuit design, let the sound be released
3. Can store 15 radio channels
4. The volume can be adjusted from 0 to 10 levels
5. 8-inch large screen LED display
6. Dual alarm settings, you can set two alarm modes, didi didi and radio
7. Four-level display brightness adjustment and light sensor stepless dimming
8. HD 5m projection, no need to manually adjust the focus
9. Two-level projection brightness adjustment and 180 degree display direction adjustment
10. Power-off memory function: Built-in 2032 button battery to keep the time in the background after the external power supply is
off, no need to repeatedly adjust the time
11. Using metal feet, beautiful and stable